Specialised Consultation:

Exentis is a company with ability and considerable knowledge of the technological area for the evaluation of activities regarding design, development, implementation, support and maintenance, with a highly-trained professional team for the development and compliance of all these tasks.

HLD (High-level design) and LLD (Low-level design) Engineering:

Our engineers have great experience in technology projects. As a result the documentation comes from very valuable technical sources. This will help the completion of future documents aimed at the implementation and development of the design of high-level HLD engineering, whose information is obtained from it. LLD engineering counts on the required technical details that serve for the future implementation of the solution; the experience of our professionals in highly complex technical projects leads to LLD being the most important detail document of the project at a technical level.

Pre-Sale Evaluation Phase:

We work closely with our customers offering technical evaluation and early contractor engagement at the bidding or tender stages. Identifying the best technological solution, quality and safety where possible. We always take efficiency and the reduction of costs into consideration from implementation start-up and acceptance.

Preparation of the Bid Specifications:

On specific projects Exentis collaborates with its customers at the development stages of the project. This allows Exentis with the client to establish the different clauses and conditions of the contract. Along with this a detailed description of scopes and services associated with each project can be established.

In specific projects, Exentis collaborates with the customer in the development and preparation of the bid specifications, in which, together, they establish the different clauses and conditions of the contract, along with the detailed description of scopes and services associated with each project.

E2E Project Management:

At Exentis we offer our customers a concept to completion solution. Our quality control systems are second nature to our team. Our focus is based on the concept of total quality, we consider the possibility of taking part in all the phases of the project from the HLD design, passing through the pre-project, project, implementation, acceptance and maintenance always ensuring the compliance of project milestones with a strong level of management and delivery guaranteeing consistency in quality throughout the project.