Whole projects, turnkey solutions or EPC contracts are the main speciality in the activity of Exentis. The company adapts to the convenience of the customer in terms of the most idyllic collaboration in each case.

The projects developed by means of EPC contracts are those in which the customer pays Exentis for the design, architecture and engineering services, construction, facilities and start-up.

A common role for Exentis is a turnkey project with a fixed price before beginning by means of an EPC contract. With this contract model the risk of developing the project depends on Exentis. Thus the customer is de-risked and is protected from changes in the prices of materials, labour, etc. As well as the price being established before the beginning of the project the client benefits from avoiding economic deviation

Another advantage for EPC contracts is that the customer has immediate availability of the services post-launch and the communication work is simplified by having a single point of contact.

Exentis develops EPC projects in all the areas in which it develops its activity:

  • Hospitality
  • Workplaces
  • Retail
  • Social Care